Do you have questions about The Caring Gallery or your shopping experience? We have gathered here the main questions you may have. 



When I buy, do I give?
YES. The Caring Gallery donates 10% of the proceeds from the sale of works in its exhibitions to its partner associations.

Can I choose the association to which I give?
NOT AT THIS TIME... Our choice for the inaugural exhibition "Dreaming of better days" was Habitat et Humanisme, to help young people made vulnerable by the current crisis. Ultimately, it is our clients who will will decide to direct their donation according to their environmental or social commitments, to one or other of The Caring Gallery's to one of The Caring Gallery's partner organizations.

How can I be sure that The Caring Gallery is going to donate to the association?
As a gallery with a mission, we attach great importance to the transparency of our actions. The traceability of our donations will allow us to communicate to our buyers the proof of our payment to the partner association. We are also committed to sharing with our customers the actions in the field that will result directly from their donations.

Does The Caring Gallery sell the works at a higher price?
NO. WE DO NOT. The 10% that we give to the partner association in the form of a donation is taken from the share that is due to the gallery. We do not pass this amount on to the sale price, nor to the artist's share.

Does The Caring Gallery exist only online?
NO. The Caring Gallery offers in-person exhibitions. The next one will take place in Paris from September 15 to 26 2021. That said, we value the online experience, which we believe is essential and complementary to the physical exhibitions. Our website is designed to be a platform for inspiring content to better understand the meaning of the works and our commitments, before a "real encounter".


What is the address of your gallery?
For the moment, The Caring Gallery does not have a fixed exhibition location. They take place in Paris in dedicated and ephemeral spaces that we choose for their quality of exhibition and their ease of access. But in 2022...

Does The Caring Gallery have an exclusivity with the artists it exhibits?
NO. We work with each artist on an individual basis per exhibition, in order to bring together works that are in perfect with the environmental or societal theme that we choose to explore artistically. This approach allows us to mobilize a large number of artists to guarantee our buyers a selection of Art+Care works to our buyers.

How long do your exhibitions last?
Our online exhibitions last forever! We conceive them as content platforms that are constantly with new artists, new works and physical exhibitions. Because the themes on 
which we compose our exhibitions are structural challenges of our time.

How to know the price of the works?
By clicking on the link INFORMATION / ENQUIRY. As soon as we receive your request, we will answer you by e-mail with the details of the work you are interested in. You can also contact us directly at 06 37 36 16 45.


How can I see a work that interests me?
Most of the works we exhibit online can be viewed in Paris by appointment.

Who are The Caring Gallery's clients?
All those, collectors or not, who wish to acquire the work of an artist who shares the same convictions as same convictions as they do in terms of environmental protection or social issues. The Caring Gallery also addresses companies with a range of dedicated solutions, the Caring Art Projects, presented on the website

What is an impact/mission gallery?
A mission-driven company is a company that includes a social or environmental objective in its statutes. The Caring Gallery is the first mission-driven gallery. Our bylaws state our purpose to use art as a lever for action and mobilization to help build a better and more sustainable future for all. A referent mission is the guarantor of the good execution of our mission and the respect of values and rules that we have chosen. We have also taken steps to obtain B Corp certification.


What is Care?
Care is a humanistic approach of Anglo-Saxon origin. Joan Tronto, an American philosopher, gave a clear definition definition in "A Political Argument for an Ethic of Care" (1993): "A characteristic activity of the human species, which covers all that we do to maintain, perpetuate and repair our world, so that we can live in it as best we can. This world includes our bodies, our people and our environment, all of which we seek to connect in a complex network in support of life." 


By combining Art and Care, The Caring Gallery aims to offer exhibitions that reveal the perspective of artists on the great challenges of the 21st century. The UN has defined 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 including: eradication of poverty, access to quality education, gender equality, reduced inequality, the fight against climate change, the preservation of aquatic and terrestrial life. 


With the care theme, we wish to highlight what brings us together rather than what divides us.


Do you have another question for us? Feel free to do so via our contact form (contact). See you soon!