• Webinar : the power of art and business, episode 1

    Live event on Linkedin on December 9th 2023
    by Florence Manuguerra

    Live intervention by Florence Manuguerra, founder of The Caring Gallery.


    Paris + par Art Basel took place from October 18th to 22nd at Le Grand Palais Ephémère
    The Caring Gallery has selected for you works at the crossroads of societal challenges and the care values that animate us during the Paris + by Art Basel fair.
  • Les aidants familiaux sont l’un des piliers de la dynamique de solidarité intergénérationnelle.
    En 2008, 8,3 millions de français étaient aidants.
    Aujourd’hui, ils sont plus de 11 millions,
    soit 1 français sur 6, à accompagner au quotidien un proche en situation de dépendance.
    En 2030, 1 salarié sur 4 sera aidant.


    A l'occasion de la Journée Nationale des Aidants du 06 octobre 2022 et de la Semaine de l'entreprise responsable et inclusive, La Croix lance la première édition des Regards Croisés de La Croix : un évènement et une exposition pour débattre et s’interroger sur le soutien que les entreprises peuvent apporter à leurs salariés aidants. 

  • PODCAST : NFT Morning

    NFT Morning invite Florence Manuguerra

    Podcast quotidien enregistré sur Twitter Space, NFT Morning a pour objectif de faire découvrir les NFT et le crypto-art aux novices. 


    C'est dans ce but que NFT Morning a invité Florence Manuguerra, Fondatrice de la galerie  à présenter les premiers pas artistiques de The Caring Gallery dans les NFT en partenariat avec Danae.io. 




  • PARTNERSHIP : Courbet

    First ecological jeweller and partner of the exhibition "Close to eyes, close to heart"

    Courbet, the first ecological jeweller and partner of the exhibition, has acquired a Dillon Marsh's photography : "For What it's Worth (Koffiefontein Mine - 7.6 million carats of diamonds)"


  • As part of its partnership with The Caring Gallery, FONDAMENTAL publishes this philosophy article accompanying the exhibition "Close to the eyes, close to the heart", where nine contemporary artists explore the relationship between man and nature. The relationship to politics is direct: philosophy and science are the basis of animal rights and their evolution. 


    The question is a classic of philosophical debate. Why should we come to the aid of a pig, a beetle or a frog who will never lift a leg for us? What is the meaning of paying a fine for mistreating a kitten, when it will go unpunished if it scratches me? Since the Antiquity, philosophers wonder about the consideration to be given to the fauna. The literature is nourished and the authors abound but one can distinguish two great conceptions: the animal-object and the animal-sensitive.

  • TALK : Engaged players' evening

    3 committed speakers, 1 exhibition, Cocktail, Networking: this is the new inspiring event proposed by The Caring Gallery !

  • Ghada Hatem, bstetrician-gynaecologist, who was made a Knight of the National Order of Merit in March 2022, created the Maison des femmes in Saint-Denis in 2016 (14,000 consultations per year and 35 women accommodated). Since then, dozens of other structures have been created, thanks to her feminist fight for better care for women victims of violence. In this episode she talks about her global vision of care and the role of the arts in the healing process. The Caring Gallery exhibits the work of Louise Oligny and Clémentine de Pontavice, artists who have been conducting workshops with the women of La Maison des Femmes for the past five years. 

  • As part of its partnership with The Caring Gallery, FONDAMENTAL sheds light on the political dimension of the themes addressed by the gallery through contemporary art. The exhibition Politically Intimate explores a major philosophical field open since Antiquity, which seeks the boundary between public order and the freedom to dispose of one's body.


    How far should the public authorities take care of me? Why should I submit to decisions taken by others, which concern my own privacy or the depths of my soul? These questions are at the heart of political philosophy; they mark out the limits of public action. But unlike other notions, such as the prevalence of representative democracy or the prohibition of violence, the answers seem to be in perpetual motion, challenged by science or reexamined by our values.

  • by Florence Manuguerra

    Artists have always created and have always done so in order to transmit something other than beauty to us: their joys or their sorrows, their questionings, their obsessions, their intelligence of things and beings. Their humanity.
    There have always been two schools of thought: those who fall in love immediately ("I love it!") and those who need to understand, to know more, to find out more, before they can feel a tangible emotion in front of a painting, a photograph, a drawing, a sculpture, an installation, and now an NFT.

  • The Caring Gallery has selected for you the Care exhibitions of the moment. Global warming, endangered biodiversity and societal dysfunction, the artists address head-on the environmental issues of today and tomorrow to raise awareness and lead to awareness.


    Four experiences for an Art+Care summer : Aerocene, Polar summer, Salgado Amazônia, Desire for humanity. 

    A report by Marie-Charlotte Burat.

  •  Jean-François Camilleri is the president of Echo Studio, an impact film production and distribution studio founded in 2016. He was previously the general manager of The Walt Disney Company France and is behind the Disney Nature label.


    Jean-François Camilleri is on The Caring Podcast, hosted by Marine Birot and Marine Ulrich. Discover also our written summary.

    "What can I bring? What can I do so that, working with good directors, writers and actors, we can make really good films that have impact? "  

  • In this episode, The Caring Gallery takes a look at the creation of a new design school and the journey of its founder, Dominique Sciamma. His ambition is to train the younger generation to be ready to face the challenges of the contemporary world and to transform it in a virtuous way. His only weapon is education.

    Dominique Sciamma is the founder of the new CY School of Design, a school of transition designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Born from the observation of the ecological and social crises that are shaking our world today, this new school reinvents the model of public design schools in France. The program developed by Dominique crosses many disciplines. It is as diverse and rich as her career path, and responds to all the challenges that the world presents to young designers. It is composed of seven pillars: culture, representation, creation, human and social sciences, collaboration and problem solving, the functioning of a human organization, and finally professionalization.




    Drawing Now Alternative takes place from June 10 to 13, 42 rue du Faubourg-Saint Antoine


    The Caring Gallery has selected for you the Care works which translate the relationship of the human being to nature, to others and to his fragility. You can find them in the booth of the galleries present this year at the Drawing Now Art Fair. 



    With Nathalie Bondil, The Caring Gallery proposes a passionate exchange on the arts, formidable triggers of our emotional intelligence, intelligence of the sensitive which helps us to decipher the world. Through the arts, we can travel and become "citizens of the world. "


    The best moments of the online meeting of May 25, 2021

    Interview with the artists of the first ever sustainable art auction.



    The Caring Gallery's very first Caring Podcast presents its manifesto, with the voice in french of Florence Manuguerra, its founder. This innovative gallery proposes to use contemporary art as a tool to create a more just and sustainable world : beyond the simple theme of its exhibitions, The Caring Gallery has a virtuous economic model, giving part of its sales to partners charities. Listen and discover the manifesto of a new kind of gallery.