“I hope that, for the sake of our planet, people take more responsibility and understand that we all have a responsibility to the world. “

Damien Poulain is an artist exploring design and architecture. His work develops in a transversality influenced by Shintoism, tribal and heraldic symbols. Poulain's work is nomadic and contextual in nature. Through an evolving range of formats including textile, spray paint, sculpture and architectural volumes, he develops work on representations of communities and the tools of their beliefs. He aims to engage cross-cultural engagement and community building, spreading a universal message of love, beauty and possibility.


His work has been exhibited in solo shows in London at Kemistry Gallery and KK Outlet; in Tokyo at Calm & Punk Gallery and Claska; and group shows at the Museum of Graphic Design in Breda, Holland and the 21_21 Museum in Tokyo.