"In today's capitalist society, there is no place for nature. Yet, on the contrary, we should give value to the living". (interview of the artist, June 2021) 


Bianca Lee Vasquez, of Cuban and Ecuadorian origin, lives and works in Paris. She studied at Parsons Scool of Design (Paris) and at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York). Initially an assistant to an internationally recognized fashion photographer, Bianca decided to fully dedicate herself to her vocation as an artist in 2012. She was in residence in Rio de Janeiro (Largo art cultural center) in 2019, in the Amazon rainforest (Art and Science Immersion Program, Labverde Residency) in 2017 or at the Fies for performing arts center in Dro (Italy) in 2016. Her multidisciplinary approach crosses performance, photography, video, textile, sculpture and installation to reveal contemplative interactions between the body, the subconscious and the natural world.