Clémentine du Pontavice is a committed author and illustrator.

All of her work revolves around a civic approach. She has written and illustrated for children at the Ecole des Loisirs: "Journal intime de mon corps" which deals with issues related to puberty (in collaboration with Ghada Hatem), "Truc de fille ou de garçon?" on gender stereotypes, "Seul(s) au monde?" which talks about differences and also "Dans quel monde-vit-on?" about ecology.

She also co-wrote with Ghada Hatem and illustrated a book on sexuality for teenagers: "Le Sexe et l'Amour dans la vraie vie" (Sex and Love in Real Life) published by First.

Clémentine also created the "Réparer l'intime" project with the photographer Louise Oligny. Every week they run workshops at the Maison des Femmes de Saint Denis, the Pitié-Salpêtrière and the Bichât hospital to help women rebuild their lives through jewellery, photography and drawing.

She also collaborates with ethical clothing and cosmetics brands and with sustainable agricultural, horticultural and wine producers.