Lucy Orta was born in 1966 in the UK and Jorge Orta was born in 1953 in Argentina. Their meeting in the early 1990s began an intimate collaboration that saw them found Studio Orta in Paris in 1992. Lucy + Jorge Orta's collaborative work explores social and ecological issues through a wide variety of media: sculpture, painting, photography, video, drawing, ephemeral intervention and performance. They work between London, Paris and Les Moulins, where they set up their studio in 2000 and began rehabilitating four historic mills along the Grand Morin River: La Laiterie, Moulin la Vacherie, Moulin de Boissy and Moulin Sainte-Marie, former mills of the Papeteries de Paris. In 2010, they founded an association Les Moulins to promote contemporary art and support young artists in the realisation of workshops, the creation of artist residencies and an artistic research laboratory.

Lucy + Jorge Orta _ ADAGP, Paris, 2021