Born in 1988 in Isère, France, Marianne lives and works in Aubervilliers.
With drawing as her main field of action, she produces and reproduces simple, precise, ephemeral gestures, inspired by current and societal phenomena. What happens between us, in us, throughout the infinite political task of living together? How do we hold together within a society and a territory? She observes social relations. She studies the language, its structure, to rethink its conventional forms. She moves and makes bodies, languages, visual representations (images), ways of saying, telling and thinking the world meet.

In particular, alternative modes of communication and counter-narratives appeal to me. Silence, emptiness, the slightest gesture are political, proposing another reading of our contemporary societies and of History. His action consists in recording what apparently does not exist, in making the implicit appear, in giving voice, in revealing hypnotizations, vulnerabilities, as well as desires and collective impulses. What role does the invisible play in helping us to read the world? How does it act on our glances? On certain bodies, certain stories, silent words, disappeared public spaces? How do we act with it? How can silence and discretion in turn formulate alternative forms of resistance?

The drawing is apprehended in a very broad dimension, from the scale of the sheet of paper to that of the wall space, up to the photographic image, the video, the installation and the performative action. They are often activated, interpreted, privileging the in situ and the ephemeral. Far from limiting herself to the drawing as an image, she manipulates its components (an energy, a gesture, a support, signs).